Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial Real Estate


A wealth management firm
connecting quality investors with quality properties.

TM 1031 Exchange Inc. was founded by Tim Marshall in 1999 to provide the investment knowledge and access to the widest possible selection of fairly priced properties, both on and off-market.

Our team is comprised of experts with extensive experience in investment real estate, risk mitigation, portfolio strategy, wealth management and 1031 exchanges. Through the TM 1031 Exchange Partner Program, investors have access to highly qualified real estate attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Qualified Intermediaries, Brokers and other real estate professionals.

The TM 1031 Exchange Inc. goal is to provide investors with clear, straight-forward, and useful information in addition to access to the most attractive available properties on the market. Special emphasis is placed on non-management properties, 1031 exchanges, wealth creation and preservation. We work on a consultative basis offering knowledge and a complete, ready when needed, inventory of quality investment properties.

The company is distinctive because of its investor-centric approach. Only after we understand an investor's needs do we provide detailed property information from our national inventory of properties. We are performance based and are only compensated on close.

The net result of our approach -we quickly match quality investors with suitable, quality properties.

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